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Officially a Buckeye

Officially a Buckeye

I am so excited to finally announce to everyone that I will be transferring to The Ohio State University! You might be in complete shock reading that, as that has been a lot of people’s response when I tell them. You’re probably wondering, “oh I thought you were happy at BGSU, why would you transfer?” There’s no denying that I am so glad that I went to BGSU for two years. I grew as an individual, as well as in my photography, and I gained several friendships. Bowling Green State University just simply does not feel like “home” to me. 

One day back in January, I was talking with my mom and my friend Sierra about school and they both knew I wasn’t the happiest I could be. So Sierra suggested to me that I should consider transferring. There were so many emotions that came over me in that very moment. Thinking about transferring created a knot in my stomach. I became overwhelmed, nervous, a little sad, but also I felt relieved that this could be an option. I had no idea how I was going to decide if I was going to transfer or not. Of course I made a pros and cons list, I applied to OSU, and discussed it a lot with my family. Once I was accepted, I knew this is what I wanted to do. 

As I said earlier, BGSU does not feel like home to me. I am the type of girl who always has to be doing something, and there’s really not much to do around here. I love city vibes, the crazy hectic city life is something that makes me happy. I am so excited to be making Columbus my home come January! 

I am very thankful for all of my family and friends for being there for me while I made this decision. I am beyond excited to start this new journey!! Now I can finally share these adorable pictures my friend Sierra took of me to help announce this to you all!! Do not miss my giveaway on my Instagram!


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Farewell BG

Farewell BG

Mommy and me minis

Mommy and me minis