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Fine Art Styled Shoot

Fine Art Styled Shoot

I have been so excited to share this blog post with all of you! These are seriously some of my favorite pictures I have ever taken!! My very first blog post, I told you all that I attended an event called Phellowship where amazing women and vendors came together and created a beautiful day. These pictures are from the second styled shoot from that day. 

This styled shoot was practically a dream of mine. A gorgeous couple + a bright and airy background= beautiful and amazing pictures. Kate and Michael had so much chemistry for each other you could just feel it within the room! I absolutely love working with couples who have so much love for each other. It makes my job easy and so much fun when two people have such an amazing passion of love for each other. I hope you enjoy these beautiful pictures just as much as I do!

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Host: Phellowship 

Location: Opal & Fern, Co.

Stylist: Something Old Dayton

Rentals: Something Old Dayton

Florals: Evergreen Flower Co

Calligraphy: Jen K Calligraphy

                 Hair & Makeup: Le Rêve Makeup & Hair LLC.                

               Wedding Gown: Celia Grace                                                 

                 Styled by: Perry Rose Media                                 

Jewelry: Rachel Keppeler Designs 

Cake: A Cake For You

Bride Model: Kate Bailey

Groom Model: Michael Corwin

A whole lot of talk & coffee

A whole lot of talk & coffee

Addis family

Addis family