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Colorful Styled Shoot

Colorful Styled Shoot

Ahh!! I can’t believe I am starting a blog. Starting this journey with my photography business will be exciting! I know that with being a full time college student, my school work comes first but I want to give blogging a try! I hope all of you enjoy this post, and the many more posts to come! So with that.. here’s my first blog!!!

I had the opportunity to attend an amazing event called Phellowship. It was held by the lovely Monica and Kelsie, in Dayton, Ohio. I had never attended anything like this so I had no idea what to expect. This day was filled with so much fun. I got to meet so many wonderful ladies that share the same passion that I do for photography. 

There were two styled shoots that we got to photograph during the day. The first one was a colored styled shoot. All of the vendors who participated and put all of their talents into this, made it an over the top beautiful event. From all the little details, flowers, set up, and listening to two amazing and inspiring leaders speak. The models, Bre and Sam were absolutely beautiful. They are such a cute couple and have so much passion for each other. Enjoy all of these pictures from the colorful shoot!

Host: Phellowship
Location: Ashley Lynn Photography Studio
Stylist: The Crystal Collection Events
Mimosa Bar Rentals: Aiden & Grace
Ceremony Rentals: Something Old Dayton
Florals: Katie’s Blooms
Calligraphy: Ivory House Creative
Hair & Makeup: Le Rêve Makeup & Hair LLC. 
Wedding Gown: Celia Grace Styled by: Perry Rose Media
Jewelry: Rachel Keppeler Designs
Groom’s Suit Rental: American Commodore Tuxedo
Bride Model: Bre Shisso
Groom Model: Sam Shisso

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Andrew and Kelsey

Andrew and Kelsey